First Time Buyers

Congratulations on your decision or exploration of purchasing your first home. For some it can be a daunting task. It makes sense as your largest asset to take time to become an educated first-time homebuyer.

The HOME ADVANTAGE Program will save you money when you buy a home.

Education: There are so many things to be aware of and learn about home ownership, operating your home, choosing a lender and real estate agent to assist you. We have put together a number of video modules to assist you with your first time homebuying adventure!

Forming Your Professional Home Buying Team: It’s never too early to assemble a team of real estate industry experts to help and guide you through the home buying process. The great thing is that it’s FREE.

Real Estate Agent: At HOME ADVANTAGE we will introduce you to an outstanding real estate agent to assist you every step of the way.

Your Real Estate Agent will be:

1) Your personal home buying advocate

2) Will work in your best interest, not theirs

3) Will listen to your needs and help you achieve your home buying goals

4) Help you each step of the process from identifying a lender, searching for a home, making a purchase offer to handing you the keys to your new home and beyond.

5) Answer your important questions. There are no “stupid” questions in real estate, so anytime you have a question, please count on your personal real estate agent to find you the answers.

Lender: At HOME ADVANTAGE we can help you find a lender that meets your home loan needs.

Your Home Lender will be:

1) Able to find the right loan program for you.

2) Educate you on the various loan programs

3) Improve your credit if necessary

4) Down payment assistance

5) Be your personal home loan advocate looking out for your needs

Finding the Right Home Starts with Your Wish List. Click here to get yours!

Meet with your personal home team to discuss your real estate needs in more detail. Put a plan together to achieve your home buying goals. Some of the strategy should include:

1) Current living situation: Do you have a lease expiring or do you need to terminate a lease when you purchase a home.

2) What is your ideal timing to be a home owner?

3) Do you have enough down payment and earnest money set aside to make a purchase?

4) Is my credit score sufficient to get the best loan program I can?

5) Do I need to take home buyer education to qualify for down payment assistance?

6) What is the average time to find a home in my price range and market?

7) When can we get together to preview homes?

8) What is the best way to search for a home?

Being a Competitive Buyer in Today’s Market:

Being a prepared buyer is essential in today’s fast paced market. Some of the things to think about include:

1) Do you have your loan pre-approval letter in hand?

2) Do I have my down payment and earnest money ready?

3) Have I reviewed the purchase documents ahead of time?

4) What purchase contingencies are important to me? Financing, home inspection, etc.