Your personal credit has a lot to do with home buying. Some of the most notable influences include:

1) The amount of credit a lender will grant you to purchase a home.

2) The loan type such as FHA for lower credit score buyers vs. conventional.

3) Down payment assistance programs

4) The mortgage rate you pay.

In anticipation of purchasing a home, you should obtain your annual free credit report and review it for accuracy. Most credit reports have errors and this may affect your ability to obtain credit, the amount of credit or most favorable rate.

There are many ways that you can improve your credit including:

1) Correcting errors on your credit report.

2) Making sure that you have sufficient credit lines such as credit cards, utilities, car loan to have a credit score

3) The amount of credit you have vs. how much you have used.

4) Your payment history. Do you pay your bills on time or are they late?

Meeting with a credit counselor or even a home loan provider can be a good first step in improving your credit score.

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