Relocation Services

Moving to an area that you are not familiar with can be difficult and stressful for a family. Using a HomeAdvantage real estate professional can reduce the anxiety of relocating. Their expertise on the area will shorten the search time and narrow the areas on where you should be exploring.

Once you connect with one of our professional agents and they understand exactly what you are looking for, they can provide you detailed information about matching homes.

Here are just a few of the things you should discuss with you HomeAdvantage real estate professional:

Are schools important to you?

Our real estate professional can tell you which districts rank best in the area.

Is commute time important to you?

Our real estate professional can give you estimated commute times based on location and time of day you plan to travel

Is getting a large lot important?

Our real estate professional can tell you which areas have larger lots

What are the crime statistics?

Finding the right home is important, but finding it in the right area is equally important.

Would you like to walk to shopping?

Our real estate professional can provide you with properties with good Walkscores.

Do you travel for business?

Our real estate professional can help you decide on a neighborhood that is convenient to the airport and has the space you need.

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